Sunday, March 1, 2009

Political Rant

     I've been observing another effect of the know-nothing governing style of junior Bush.  For years, it was rare, even among the at-risk kids I work with, to encounter a pregnant student.  Now, the pregnancy high schools are so packed that they have waiting lists, and regular and alternative schools are experiencing a baby boom.  
     I think Bristol Palin put it best when she said in an interview, holding her baby, that abstinence only education just doesn't work.   Research indicates that when babies are born to teen mothers who then have to cut short their educations, the chances that that baby and four succeeding generations will remain in poverty are high.  
     The question is whether those who supported this ridiculous policy even care.  It's like the Republican congressman who did not want AZT given to pregnant women to prevent HIV infections in their children.  His thesis was that if the child got AIDS, "people" would see the consequences of their promiscuity and change their behavior.  Some logic.

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